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Personal oji
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Personal Cards

Unlike paper business cards, your Oji Card is always with you, and it's up-to-date. It's the modern way to grow your business.

  • Real-time updates. Change your title? Change your hair cut? Update your Oji Card and it's updated everywhere for everyone you've ever sent it to, instantly.
  • Live Cards. Instantly follow someone on social media, email, or text them. Every link is clickable. Share your Oji on the web, embed it on your website and in your email signature.
  • Share any card. Want to connect friends, network for your coworker, or recommend a company? On Oji, you can share any card in your network with a few taps. That's just smart.
Company oji
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Company Cards

A beautifully designed, real-time display of your company with the information you care about most.

  • Dynamically Updated. Change your logo or address? No problem. All Oji Cards are automatically updated for your team, and every card anyone has ever shared. That's just smart.
  • Accessible Everywhere. Create and access your card on mobile, web, and tablet. Share it with anyone, however you want, even if they don't have an account. Wherever you are, Oji is there.
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The Wallet

Your digital rolodex of all Oji Cards you've collected.

  • Easily add Company and Personal Oji Cards. Search and scroll through your contacts on one feed.
  • Expand profiles, add and share in many ways with just one tap.
  • Share any card in your wallet with anyone. Make connections, and grow your business. A paper card can't do that.
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Easily share your card, or any Personal or Company Oji card in your network via iMessage, Email, AirDrop and more with just one tap, even if they don't have an account. Ditch your paper cards for good.

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Build your trusted network

Your entire network is now in your pocket. It's time to put it to work. Recommend and share contacts you've met, connect coworkers with companies. Stay updated as your network makes moves. Be in the know.